Monday, August 24, 2009

PERA and AdCom now combined per JR 4.

The DBM has recently issued Budget Circular No. 2009-3, prescribing the revised Rules and Regulations on the Grant of Personnel Economic Relief Allowance (PERA).

BC 2009-3 was issued to implement certain provisions of the Congress Joint Resolution No. 4 (SSL 3), particularly, on the categorization of compensation and other benefits authorized for government personnel, now termed as Total Compensation Framework (TCF). Under the TCF's enumeration of "Standard Allowance and Benefits", the PERA of P500 per month and the Additional Compensation (AdCom) of P1,500 per month are now combined as simply PERA. In effect, the PERA that government are entitled to is P2,000 per month.

BC 2009-3 is the second of a series of issuances that DBM has issued so far to implement JR 4.