Friday, June 08, 2012

Update on the Rationalization Plan per EO 366

Source from the DBM Central Office reveals that as of May 15, 2012, a total of 91 Rationalization Plans(RPs) have been approved comprising of 52 departments/agencies; 18 other executive offices (OEOs); and 21 GOCCs/GFIs.

The RPs of 66 other entities - 60 departments/agencies; three (3) OEOs; and three (3) GOCCs/GIFs are still being evaluated by the DBM. On the other hand, 20 departments/agencies and four (4) OEOs have yet to submit or resubmit their respective RPs.

A total of 216 government entities (132 department/agencies; 25 OEOs; and 59 GOCCs/GFIs were required to submit their RPs to the DBM pursuant to EO 366. However, the evaluation of the RPs of 35 GOCCs/GFIs were put on hold as these entities are now under the Governance Commission for GOCCs created under R.A. No. 10149.


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